Sirona Cone beam

It is a 3D dental image system that provides detailed images of the teeth. It helps to identify problems like tooth decay and other tooth emergencies. It is an advanced orthodontic procedure that provides a quick and precise diagnosis. Diseases like bone cancers and tumors can be detected using the Sirona Cone beam. It also helps in the placement of dental implants in the mouth. 3D dental images also diagnose TMJ disorder, sleep apnea, and spots fractured teeth. It is a vital procedure in dental procedures that provides high-quality images with low radiation on the body.

Gemini Laser (ultradent).

It is a dual-wavelength soft tissue laser that provides dentists with accuracy during treatment. It is an advancement in dentistry that is absorbed by melanin and hemoglobin. Gemini laser helps in caries diagnosis. It aids the treatment of hypersensitivity and tissue repair, which reduces pain and inflammation in patients. Gemini laser accelerates the healing period and reduces the risk of infections. It also enables less use of anesthesia as the ultradent laser minimizes the discomfort during the treatment. It is mostly used for frenectomy, removal of infected soft tissues, gingivectomy, pulpotomy, and other dental treatments.

Sirona rotary system for Root canals.

A rotary system is an electric drill with a nickel-titanium tip that helps in root canal treatment. The flexible tip of the drill is more effective and flexible than the traditional stainless steel files. It aids the removal of infected roots and nerves in the tooth. It is an endodontic instrument that has cutting edges. The instrument can be inserted deep into the root canal without damaging any other parts of the teeth. The rotary system enables an efficient process that helps to improve dental procedures. It meets the requirement for a safer root canal treatment with comfort for both the dentists and the patient.

Digital X Rays.

It is a modern alternative to traditional X-rays that aids the in-depth examination of the teeth. It has increased the efficiency and safety of X-rays. A digital sensor is inserted into the mouth, which captures the images of the teeth. The images can be immediately viewed on the screen, and they can be magnified for closer inspection. It helps to identify cavities and other dental problems. The infections in the teeth and their damage can be visualized clearly, and the treatment to remove it can be derived from observing the digital X-rays.


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